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Benefits of SWTR Group

SWTR Group recoveries are detailed by vendor, invoice number, invoice date, jurisdiction breakdown, along with the recovery total and the code in the tax law where the expemption applies.

Audit Defense
We also offer team members on staff specializing in audit defense. You do not have to be a current client for us to handle your audit defense. We assist clients from all types of businesses throughout the country.

Exemption Certificates
SWTR Group details each vendor’s exemption certificate to help maxmize our client’s future cash flow. We ar enot here to leave our clients as a “Nest Egg”. We are here so they may incure higher daily revenue from our work to help the grow and meet their daily needs.

Taxability Control
Our clients may seek our advice for identifying tax liability to keep them in compliance in case of a future audit.

Muti-State Experience
Our firm works in a multitude of states including, but not limited to Texas, Indiana, Ohio Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, North Carolina, Arizona , Wisconsin, and many more. For a more detailed listing, please ask one of our representatives.